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Why Video?

We have some feelings on this. Allow us to explain.

Consumers and clients are accustomed to viewing video content all day, every day. Facebook? Check. Instagram? Check. Websites? Check. Viewers retain 90% more information from a video than from text alone. Get your message in front of potential clients and have them remember it.
That's what digital marketing is all about.

CRE, B2C, tech start-ups, we do video content for it all. Whether you're doing an email or social media campaign, rebuilding your website, or simply looking to freshen things up, let's get you some new content.


Commercial and residential property marketing has evolved. Video is now a standard for online listings. Your clients expect it (along with that brochure, signage and website).

Creating videos is also not as expensive as you might think. Here at Four Tens, we're keeping it simple. One type of property marketing video, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect. Have a look at the video and see for yourself.


You've got a new product or service launch and want to get the word out but in a visually appealing way.

Your potential clients are used to viewing video content all day long on social media and through email campaigns, so pitch your new stuff through a video of your own!


Maybe you just want to see what we've been up to recently. Here's an automatically updating playlist with our newest projects so you can see how we're always evolving.

Okay, How Much?


One Piping Hot Video - $1500


  • 4K aerial imagery
  • one to two-minute video
  • stock audio
  • custom title sequences
  • Google Earth fly-in
  • property outline & highlighting
  • custom titles and callouts
  • nearby landmarks & logos
  • custom animations and transitions
  • integration of client-provided photos
  • maps and B-roll
  • closing contact info sequence
  • hosting
  • embed code and link


Professional Voiceover Narration - $400

We'll hire a professional voiceover actor to narrate your video.
We'll need your help writing the script for them.

Updated Property Photos - $300 | $475

Need fresh pics for your property? We cover nationwide and can provide new aerial and ground-level imagery. ​ Click to learn more.

Virtual Reality Tours - $ per SF

This isn't our thing to be honest, but we know some people. They charge by the square foot. Typically ranges from $0.10-$0.50 PSF depending on how big the property it. If you're interested in this option, let's chat.

Editing Services - Contact for Quote

If we created the original, it's cheaper. If we have to repair the damage done on some other video, it'll be more. Give us a call and let's talk about what you need.

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